Whether you’re wondering how DĀLYTE got started, where we’re located, how our systems are made, what they’re made out of, or something far more technical, we have an answer! Read through the questions below to find out more, and if you don’t see your question asked or answered, drop us a line at sales@dalyteusa.com and we will do our best to get you the information you need.


DĀLYTE, an AiA Industries Company, does not collect any taxes outside of the state of Colorado. All state and local taxes are the responsibility of the person receiving the shipment.

Returns and Exchanges2021-01-05T22:38:04-07:00

A 20% restocking fee will apply to stock DĀLYTE Skylights, Domes & Supplies only. Any returns must be uninstalled and in brand-new condition. No refunds on Custom Skylights, Domes or Accessories. Please be sure to inspect products, as DĀLYTE is not responsible for any damages after you leave the premises. It is the customers responsibility to verify quantity and sizes before purchase.

What are your business hours of operation?2021-01-05T22:37:31-07:00

We are open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am-5:00pm Mountain Standard Time (MST).

Do you provide design assistance or just offer standard systems?2021-01-05T22:37:08-07:00

We take pride in being a custom daylighting manufacturer and will work with you through the design process to make your design goals a reality (within reason and code compliance, of course!). We also offer architectural consulting to assist you with questions or concerns that come up during the design process.

What is the average lead time?2021-01-05T22:36:43-07:00

We work hard to keep our lead times as short as possible, but they can vary depending upon a number of variables—especially during certain times of the year. It’s best to contact our Sales Department for the latest data available on lead times.

What does a skylight/wall system cost?2021-01-05T22:36:16-07:00

Costs vary depending upon the system configuration, and we encourage you to complete our online quote request form to get an accurate estimate.

What are the glazing options?2021-01-05T22:35:17-07:00

The canopy can be glazed with any type of glazing: single pane laminated glass, insulated glass, polycarbonate structural sheet, BIPV solar panels.

Is a structure required for a canopy?2021-01-05T22:34:52-07:00

No, it is not. DᾹLYTE can provide a self-supporting aluminum structure. If there is a steel or wood structure, DᾹLYTE can provide a skin system to sit on top of this existing structure.

Does this product have a hail warranty?2021-01-05T22:34:17-07:00

Yes, the glazing has a hail breakage warranty for 10 years.

Are there size limitations with this system?2021-01-05T22:33:46-07:00

No, but once the vertical span hits 10’ tall interior horizontal purlins may be required.

Can the translucent wall systems be used on the interior?2021-01-05T22:33:24-07:00

The Ecowall polycarbonate system can be used on the exterior or interior of a building or residence.

What is the difference between a Curb Mounted Skylight and a Self-Flashing Skylight?2021-01-05T22:32:33-07:00

A Curb Mounted Skylight is designed to mount on top of an existing flashed roof curb. Consider the skylight curb to be like a shoebox and the Curb Mounted Skylight is the shoebox lid. When ordering a Curb Mount Skylight, the measurements that we need are the outside curb dimension. View the Curb Mount Worksheet.

A Self-Flashing Skylight is a skylight that comes with a built-in roof curb. The curb is a 4” tall aluminum extrusion that is integrated with the skylight frame. When ordering a self-flashing skylight, the measurements that we need are the inside curb dimension. View the Self-Flashing Skylight Worksheet.

Can I apply a film to my skylight’s glass to decrease heat and light?2021-01-05T22:32:07-07:00

We do not recommend adding any store-bought film to the glass of DĀLYTE skylights. Please keep in mind that the addition of store-bought film or tint will void the warranty on your glass.

I heard skylights leak, is that true?2021-01-05T22:31:38-07:00

No—but poorly installed or improperly designed skylights do. That’s why it’s important to work with a reputable manufacturer willing to stand behind their products. Also, look at materials used and build-in enhancements like moisture management that assist in maintaining the longevity of the system.

What color do your skylights come in?2021-01-05T22:30:57-07:00

The standard aluminum finish is dark bronze or clear anodized. Full arrays of colors utilizing the latest powder coating techniques, enamel or KYNAR are available. The exterior may also be clad with copper or other metals to match the surrounding roof or flashing materials.

Does DĀLYTE make bubble or dome skylights?2021-01-05T22:30:27-07:00

Yes, we offer a complete line of stock and custom dome skylights.

How customizable are your products?2021-01-05T22:29:59-07:00

Very! We specialize in custom systems and will work with you to create the best solution for your project. Not sure where to start, or if your design is achievable? Contact us at 303.296.9696 or sales@dalyteusa.com.

What skylights do you offer?2021-01-05T22:29:33-07:00
Can I just replace the outer dome?2021-01-05T22:29:08-07:00

Yes. We offer dome replacement only options.

How do I order a replacement part?2021-01-05T22:28:25-07:00

You can contact us at 303.296.9696 or sales@dalyteusa.com to order your replacement part

Can you replace my skylight?2021-01-05T22:28:01-07:00

Yes, we do offer installation of skylights.

Can I replace the glass in my DĀLYTE skylight?2021-01-05T22:27:37-07:00

You can replace the glass in your skylight, however doing so is not recommended. Please note, that replacing the glass only will void your warranty.

Why is there condensation on my skylight?2021-01-05T22:27:05-07:00

Condensation is usually more noticeable on skylights because warm, moist air rises to the ceiling. The problem, however, usually isn’t the skylight. It’s the excess moisture in the room. Condensation is more prevalent in new homes. After a few years, new homes dry out and have fewer moisture problems. Eliminating excess moisture by using a dehumidifier and providing adequate ventilation and air circulation will go a long with in preventing condensation.

Why is my skylight leaking?2021-01-05T22:26:44-07:00

Condensation can form on more than just glass. In some cases, the installer neglects to use roofing felt and insulation between the frame of the unite and the rough opening. This allows warm, moist air to escape from the room and come into contact with the underside of the flashing and/or cladding. The resulting condensation will drip back into the room between the frame and rough opening, giving the appearance of a leak.

Having the roofer or installer add felt and insulation between the frame and rough opening should prevent this problem.

What do I do if I see clouding or fogging between the panes of glass?2021-01-05T22:25:58-07:00

That is a sign that the seal in the glass has failed, and the glass needs to be replaced. Please check our warranty for coverage details.

How do I clean the glass on my skylight?2021-01-05T22:25:05-07:00

Cleaning of the glass during the construction period and after is necessary and essential to maintain the aesthetic performance. For normal cleaning, the use of a soft, clean, grit-free cloth (sponges and chamois are recommended) and a mild soap, detergent, or slightly acidic (vinegar) cleaning solution is recommended. Care should be used when washing with industrial solvents containing elements such as carbon tetrachloride since they would mar or dull the surface. Rinse immediately with clean water and remove excess water with a squeegee, taking care to prevent metal parts of the cleaning equipment from contacting the glass surface.

What types of roof can a skylight be installed?2021-01-05T22:24:37-07:00

You can install skylights on a shingle roof, tile roof, metal roof, and even on a flat roof!

Where can I find installation instructions?2021-01-05T22:23:59-07:00

You can find them listed on each individual product page under the “Technical Information & Specifications” section or by visiting our Resources page.

How do you measure outside curb dimensions?2021-01-05T22:23:17-07:00

Always measure the CURB not the skylight frame. DĀLYTE adds 5/8” standard clearance on all sides. The 5/8” clearance is in addition to the curb dimensions provided. Outside curb dimensions should be taken on the exposed curb if possible. The 5/8” clearance is for the roofing materials, flashing and out-of-square curbs. For a detailed drawing of these instructions, please visit our Resources page.

What is the minimum roof pitch required to install a skylight?2021-01-05T22:18:56-07:00

For a glass unit, 1/12 is the minimum pitch. We recommend 2/12 or steeper to shed snow and water.

Can I install a DĀLYTE skylight with any roof pitch?2021-01-05T22:18:37-07:00


Why is roof pitch important for skylight installations?2021-01-05T22:18:12-07:00

The roof pitch is important because it helps determine which type of skylight is best for that roof pitch.

How do I find an installer?2021-01-05T22:17:43-07:00

Please contact our customer service team. They would be happy to connect you with one of our preferred installers in your area.

Can I install skylights myself?2021-01-05T22:16:44-07:00

When it comes to installing a skylight in your home, you have the option to do-it-yourself or find an installer near you. If you opt to do-it-yourself, installation instructions and videos are available on our website to help you along the way.

Where can I download DĀLYTE’s brochures and catalogs?2021-01-05T22:16:03-07:00

You can find them listed on each individual product page under the “Technical Information & Specifications” section or by visiting our Resources page.

Can I access CAD drawings?2021-01-05T22:15:22-07:00

You can find them listed on each individual product page under the “Technical Information & Specifications” section or by visiting our Resources page.

Where can I find the architectural drawing and specs for each DĀLYTE product?2021-01-05T22:14:51-07:00

You can find them listed on each individual product page under the “Technical Information & Specifications” section or by visiting our Resources page.

Do you have any testing data on your skylights?2021-01-05T22:12:45-07:00

Yes, please visit our Resources page you can find a full range of testing data on our products.

How much does standard glass weigh per square foot?2021-01-05T22:11:26-07:00

7-9 ½ pounds per square foot.

What glass types does DĀLYTE offer?2021-01-05T22:11:00-07:00

DĀLYTE proudly offers a variety of glass to choose from. We offer Low E insulated, non-insulated, clear, bronze, and white. We do offer customized colors as well, please request a quote for customization options.

Do I need to use silicone to install my skylight?2021-01-05T22:10:27-07:00

You can, but curb tape is our preferred method.

How do you install the “Curb Tape” when installing a skylight?2021-01-05T22:10:06-07:00

The tape comes in 35 ft. rolls and is double-sided. To install the Curb Tape, you will need to center it on the top of the curb covering the whole curb for correct seal.

How do you flash a curb?2021-01-05T22:07:17-07:00

Please visit our Resources page for install instructions.

Does DĀLYTE manufacture blinds, LED plug-in skylight frames?2021-01-05T22:05:59-07:00

We currently do not supply blinds or LED plug-in skylight frames at this time.

What separates DĀLYTE from the competition?2021-01-05T22:05:22-07:00
Did AIA go out of business? What is different about DĀLYTE?2021-01-05T22:04:54-07:00
How can I contact customer service?2021-01-05T22:13:53-07:00

You can reach us at 303.296.9696 or info@dalyteusa.com.

When was DĀLYTE established?2021-01-05T22:01:31-07:00

We began manufacturing daylighting solutions in 1977. For more information about our history click here.


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